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DVL1 1080P ultra-long digital video transmission system

In order to allow you to travel further and see more clearly, Wuxi R2TECK developed the first 1080P ultra-long digital video transmission system. Achieved the more than 5KM transmission distance in the air and lowering latency(less than 100ms) technology.

Detailed parameters Up to input resolution:1080p (1920X1080 60/30fps), 720p supported. 
Maximum Transmission Distance:3KM on the ground(unobstructed, working in 1080P/500mW) ,
more than 5KM air to ground(unobstructed, working in 1080P/500mW)    
Transmitting power:20mW--800mW adjustable
Weight(air system):70g
Weight(ground system):200g
Latency:Less than 100mS
Output:WiFi (for mobile devices)
             HDMI (for HDMI display devices)
Other features:Multi-person monitoring;Built-in OSD

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